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Career's at Brand New Wave! 

Welcome to Brand New Wave LLC, a full service shop that

specializes in barbering and natural hair. We are a team of highly

trained and skilled professionals that have a trusting and friendly

relationship with our clients, as well as with each other. Our

relationship is base on mutual respect and genuine care for our

clients and each other just like family. Working together as a team,

we can accomplish our shared goal of EXCELLENCE. To achieve

excellence, continuous education and training will ensure that our

clients receive the best service possible.

There is no limit to the level of individual attainment at

Brand New Wave. From the Assistants to the Manager, we each

have the opportunity to grow as far as our imagination and our

energies will permit. If you are serious about your commitment to

professionalism, willing to spend the extra hours to work for the

sake of the team, and really enjoy your work, then our team at

Brand New Wave is the place for you.

We believe in going the extra mile to help, learn, expand our

knowledge, change when necessary, and prosper. This is not just a

job, but also a career. We believe in our profession, each other, the

shop, and ourselves. We are not afraid to try the new, the different,

or the challenging. We will help each other grow through positive


Please feel free to fill out our application to become apart of a growing brand! 

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